Runners and Myofascial Release


Running is a healthy activity, right? It can improve your endurance, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, help you lose weight and improve your mood. Those who run regularly, either for fitness or as a hobby, swear by the physical and mental gifts it bestows. But despite its advantages, running can come with a few undesirable side effects like runner’s knee, shin splints and tendonitis.

Injuries like the kinds runners experience — as well as the repetitive motion of running — can cause fascia ( our connective tissues) to tighten and put pressure on muscles, joints and nerves, increasing your risk of further injury. The fascia that surrounds muscles, bones and nerves, can cause particular problems to runners when it tightens or becomes restricted because it has  such a gigantic impact on range of motion, mobility, balance.

Don’t worry — fascial restrictions can be treated. Myofascial release does not use oil or lotions and  uses a gentle, sustained pressure directly on the skin  to free up fascial restrictions. Also every person that comes to Pain Relief Therapies is taught how to self-treat as well so that you can care for yourself right after your morning run.

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