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Our clinic is a collective of Myofascial release therapist.
The three therapist Brandi Brickell, Karen Howeth and Steve Howeth are all trained by John F. Barnes and his approach to Myofascial release. All Three therapists are experts in their field.
We all have experienced injuries, surgeries, pain related diseases and have been on our own healing journey. The three of us believe that it is vital to grow on own personal journey so that we may facilitate healing and others.
Pain Relief Therapies has over 23 years experience helping facilitate in pain relief due to chronic pain, injury and pain related autoimmune diseases.
Our therapist will always participating in continuing education and training to hone in on our skills and intuitive mindset.
As a cohesive group we believe that receiving treatment by all three therapist is a crucial step in your healing process as we all have a different intuitive perspective and insight that will help accelerate your healing experience.
Without awareness there is no choice.

Call us today at 303-746-6517 to start living a pain free life!

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