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I love my daughter; she is creative, silly, playful, loving, a ball of joy, smart….and HEADSTRONG!  A few years ago I recall her and my mom butting heads over Little Miss’ not so kind behavior and my mom patiently pulling the little girl up into her lap. The conversation that I was overhearing was one that I have had in my head! My mom began with ” You know life doesn’t have to be a struggle!”  to which Little Miss responded “BUT I LIKE THE STRUGGLE!” this response caught me off guard but also made sense at the same time.

How many times have I made things unnecessarily hard on myself because on some level I chose to make it so?

Let me be the first to say that I believe firmly in the power of perseverance. This is something that has been instilled in me by my parents from day one!  I saw them work from dusk till dawn doing literal back-breaking work to keep a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my mouth as a child.

I used to believe that anything worth doing involved struggle. That you had to put forth 100,000,000% of yourself and push, push, push or you weren’t trying hard enough.

I have learned that struggle and hard work ar two very different things. The struggle involves unnecessary anguish we cause ourselves.

Through my own healing journey with Myofascial release, I realized that life was not meant to be a constant struggle. Yes, in life we may have to endure hardships at times now and then but it is how we process them and face them that can make or break us.

What I have learned from my mentor John F. Barnes is that we have two ways of thinking or processing things. Left brain and Right brain or to put it in John’s terms Channel 5 and Channel 3.

Our left/ analytical or channel 5 brain is “our intellectual, rational side which has basically dominated our lives due to the educational system. While Channel 5 has great value, it was never meant to function on its own -John F. Barnes.

Our right/ intuitive or channel 3 brain is “our intuitive, instinctive side—also known as the healing zone—is also our creative, joyful side and our wise side. This aspect of our consciousness was ridiculed in school. I’m sure you’ve heard, “It’s only your intuition.” Some of the most valuable assets you possess may have been dampened down-John F. Barnes.

You’re probably wondering “Well, dang it, how do I let go of the struggle and get into my right brain?”.

With Myofascial Release we can reconnect with our intuitive nature, restore the connection between our inner child that many times is has been neglected, learn to process things differently within our autonomic nervous system( responsible for fight or flight). We can undo the hypnosis, releasing the inner struggle, release the holding patterns that are causing us both physical and emotional pain.

I have heard some of our clients express that they feel as if they have been walking through life almost hypnotized, just going through the motions but after Myofascial release, they feel a renewed sense of joy and playfulness in life.  These are the clients that come into our office looking to let go of the struggle by putting in effort and perseverance in and out of our office. They do their homework…yes we give you homework….NOT ALGEBRA…lol. This homework can vary from self-reflection to self-treatment with myofascial ball work.

We can let go of the struggle and when struggle appears in our life, we can deal with it much more effectively and return to a calm, peaceful life.      -John F.


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