Improve your golf game with Myofascial Release!


Do you wish you could get more rotation and power with your golf swing? Do you always feel as if your legs, hips, and back are too tight to achieve your golfing goals? The fascial system has enormous strength, approximately 2000 pounds per square inch in tensile strength. When we have chronic holding patterns (tightness in the body) it is the soft tissue, the fascia, that is causing these patterns. By releasing the fascia you will gain more range of motion that will increase rotation in turn increasing your power, speed, and distance. Golf season is quickly approaching, try an alternative method to up your game. Dare to step out of the box! In Longmont Colorado, at Pain Relief Therapies, we look forward to helping you with not only your golf game but with everyday pain, stiffness and chronic holding patterns. Book your appointment online at or call us at (303)746-6517. Experience the difference with true authentic healing through John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach®.