Therapeutic Massage

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 It is important to receive therapeutic massage to relieve stress, pressure and pain of sensitive areas. Therapeutic massage is also great for circulation and lymphatic drainage. As we massage the muscle tension, the body starts to relax and respond to decrease pain stress and tension.

Our bodies react to tension and stress every day. Whether it be working on a computer all day, driving, wrangling kids or various other family members. This all contributes to us not feeling well.

Massage is a great way to treat yourself Massage may help with relaxation, stress, sleep, headaches, fibromyalgia, strain, injury, soreness , etc. All of our sessions will be customized to you and your massage session . The pressure may be from very light to medium deep.

Note: If you love the relief that massage brings to the body but find yourself wishing that the results were longer lasting or suffer from chronic pain….Ask Your massage therapist about how Myofascial Release may be able to help!