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I have been receiving regular treatment by all of the team since August 2018. I have been progressively getting back to my old self both phyiscally and emotionally. And believe I would not be in this place without their therapies. I highly recommend this therapy and the entire team.

Talented Team

3 incredible days jam packed full of learning designed specifically for my MFR needs. I learned new MFR techniques for treating & assessment; reviewed unwinding & rebounding; really learned to trust my intuition; regained my power; and more. Brandi, Karen, and Steve share their wisdom & passion for MFR with the most love, respect, and playfulness. I had so much fun working alongside a talented & loving team of therapists & friends – it just didn’t feel like work. I’ll be back! Thank you all

Exceptional Mentorship

Thanks so much to Pain Relief Therapies! The entire staff is professional, friendly, and really cares about my outcome! Karen did MFR on me and it was fabulous! I feel so much better, looser, and straighter. Thanks to PRT!! I will be visiting again soon.

Top notch!!

I see Steve at PRT as often as I’m able to. He has helped me with everything from my post-stroke issues to now preparing for a complete hip replacement. PRT is number one on my list for pain management as well as my general well-being.

Best bodywork in town!!!

Karen is so intuitive and on point with her care! I really appreciate her knowledge and her awareness of her client’s needs.

Karen cares

They do an amazing job! My shoulder hurt to move my arm to shoulder level and they were able to release it, gave me exercises and finally after three weeks of pain I can move it freely above my head without catching or pain! Thank you!

Relieved my locked up shoulder joint

I’ve only been once and its definitely the solution! The numbness and tingling in my hands and arms has really eased up! I have better range of motion in my neck.

Exceptional pain relief!

Karen Howeth went right to the source of my foot pain and in one session relived my pain. Karen explained to me in laymen’s terms what was causing the pain and gave me home care instructions to augment the healing proccess. I purchased the Voxx socks and insoles for my shoes and have gained balance and my range of motion has improved. I would suggest purchasing a package of 10 to assure lasting relif.

Pain Relief

What a relief to have the physical & emotional space & the freedom from judgement to allow my body to let go of tension & limited mobility! Karen, Steve, and Brandi are top notch at their therapeutic craft as wall as compassionate human beings. Their warm, nurturing hands felt supportive while my body released stored and trapped energies and pain. After multiple sessions, I can stand and sit taller and more comfortably; breathe deeper & with ease; and feel more calm in my skin.

Therapeutic Heaven

This is the first time I have had hope of being pain free after 1 1/2 years of foot pain. After 1 visit it is already feeling better.

helped with foot pain