Myofascial Release

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 Myofascial Release is a gentle effective, hands-on therapy, that will never injurer or harm the patient and his/her body.


 Myofascial Release is a triad of treatment. Myofascial Release, Rebounding and Unwinding.


  • Rebounding addresses the elastic and fluid components of the fascial system
  • By watching the patients body react to the gentle wave-like rocking motion the therapist can assess where fascial restrictions are blocking motion.
  • It can reduce holding and subconsciouse bracing patters that other techniques my not directley reach.
  • The gentle rocking motion can help facilitate a reorginazation of the energetic, fascial, neruromuscualar and ossious levels


  • Unwinding is the bodies ability to self-correct
  • The therapist eliminates gravity or creates sustained pressure with in the fascial system
  • Allowing the body and mind to release tension, postural imbalances, restricted tissue and in some cases stuck emotions or thought patterns through natural intuitive movement.