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Trauma, inflammatory response, surgery and repetitive tasks can create fascial restrictions carrying up to 2000lbs of tensile strength. By releasing tension and pressure, Myofascial Release may increase blood flow and nutrients to the cells, restoring you to a pain-free, active lifestyle. Using the Myofascial Release technique, you will often be able to release restrictions completely.

Through courses and training at the John Barnes Myofascial Release Centers, a therapist is able to see and feel where fascial restrictions are located. Once a restrictions is found, the therapist engages that restriction at the barrier and waits for it to release. The barrier is the point at which the fascial restriction is in a slightly stretched position. This positions is held for 90-120 seconds, enabling the start of the release. Full release of the fascia occurs after 3-5 minutes. This allows the collagenous (80%) and the elestatic (20%) component of fascia to be released, giving you permanent relief.

Note: If you love the relief that massage brings to the body but find yourself wishing that the results were longer lasting or suffer from chronic pain….Ask Your massage therapist about how Myofascial Release may be able to help!

Myofascial Release is a triad of treatment. Myofascial Release, Rebounding, and Unwinding.


  • Rebounding addresses the elastic and fluid components of the fascial system
  • By watching the patients body react to the gentle wave-like rocking motion the therapist can assess where fascial restrictions are blocking motion.
  • It can reduce holding and subconscious bracing patters that other techniques my not directly reach.
  • The gentle rocking motion can help facilitate a reorganization of the energetic, fascial, neruromuscualar, and ossious levels


  • Unwinding is the bodies ability to self-correct
  • The therapist eliminates gravity or creates sustained pressure with in the fascial system
  • Allowing the body and mind to release tension, postural imbalances, restricted tissue and in some cases stuck emotions or thought patterns through natural intuitive movement.