Myofascial Chicken Soup

John F. Barnes Myofascial Release is like homemade chicken soup; It not only treats the physical body but it is good for the soul!

As an Mfr Therapist we often treat people who are running out of options when it comes to treating the pain that is messing with the flow of their life. Sometimes with pain comes emotions and vise a versa. At times in our life we may have had a traumatic event, a surgery, or illness that caused fear, stress, or a sense of loss.  With Chronic pain some may find that talking to a psychologist helpful yet still feel something is missing.

Many times therapists of the psychological kind are treating only the mind; In doing such we are separating the mind from the body. We must realize that it is all connected to fully heal and grow! Tell me please how the brain can live without the body and the body can live without some kind of brain function?!

“The body is not just a reflection of the personality: it is the personality!” – John F. Barnes

Myofascial Release allows for complete communication between the mind and body so that true healing and growth can begin.

Myofascial Release brings our state-dependent  memory into play. A simple explanation of state-dependent memory is to think of a  time when a song came on the radio and it brought forth a very vivid memory and the emotions that your body/mind associates with that song. The memories/emotions that have come to the surface may have been joyful, light and wonderful but this is not always the case. Now that these emotions have surfaced expressing them in a safe way can allow for the healing that we all need so badly to occur!

Let’s release that emotion! Grab a pillow, kick punch and scream until there’s no more left, Pretend the pillow is the jerk who cut you off in traffic and tell him how pissed he made you or Cry out the tears of loss for the loved one you never properly mourned for.

Feel the weight that has been lifted! Feel how light it feels to be unburdened!