Running performance lacking?

Are you a runner? Have you ever felt like your running with braces on? This could be caused by fascial restrictions creating a straight-jacket effect on a runners hips and legs.
Most of us have some sort of fascial holding patterns in our bodies. They occur from injuries, emotional traumas, bad posture, work, sport activities, and the list goes on. In runners that can cause painful symptoms from their low back down to their feet, creating performance issues
in gate and endurance.
Many research studies have found that most people live with pelvic imbalances from fascial holding patterns. An anteriorly rotated ilia and up slips can cause leg length differences, which lead to pain. When this occurs the brain shifts our bodies to the short leg for self correction to keep our eyes level and looking toward the horizon. This is called the RIGHTING RESPONSE. This is a runners nightmare as it will cause early burn out, fatiguing the hips and legs, with pain symptoms. The runner may also notice wear pattern changes in their shoes as well.
At Pain Relief Therapies in Longmont Colorado we work with the athlete to restore balance back to the pelvis, using the John F Barnes Myofascial Release Approach®.
By releasing fascial holding patterns, harmony is brought back into the runners body, bringing balance back to the hip flexors, hamstrings, adductors, IT band, and glutes. This puts the runner back in their center for optimal performance.
If this sounds familiar call us or book your appointment on line at, let us help improve your running performance.